This had the potential to end really bad. Hope Lillian Trott, who is only three-years-old, had a bad dream.  When she awoke, she thought that her mom went to get a pizza and had left her in the house alone.

Rather than simply check her parent’s bedroom to make sure that her mom was still there, 3-year-old Hope decided to put her winter coat and shoes on and walk to the store herself.

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After walking a mile by herself down a snowy road to the store at around 4am Tuesday morning, she started crying when she realized that her mom was not there. Her parents didn’t hear her leave the home, so they didn’t know that anything was wrong until the police were in their house, guns drawn, asking them if they knew where their daughter was.

The police then took Mrs Trott to the hospital where Hope was being checked out and then she took the adventurous toddler home. Hope was only wearing a summer nightgown that she had insisted on wearing the night before along with her winter coat and shoes when she made the trek to the local Woodland Food Mart IGA.

There was about 5 inches of snow on the ground at the time of Hope’s early morning excursion. This had the potential of being a very sad story. Very lucky.