They thought they were being funny for Youtube, but three Wisconsin men could be facing criminal charges and fines if the DNR catches up with them. See what all the fuss is about.

The "sportsmen" in the video are from Oak Park, Wisconsin. For whatever reason, they trapped a deer in a pen, wrestled it to the ground and put a bright yellow t-shirt on the animal. Of course, the whole thing was captured for Youtube.

The video has since been removed from Youtube, but not before it captured the attention of the Department Of Natural Resources. That department is working to identify the men who may face criminal charges and fines.

One of the men released a statement that read "We meant nothing by it. We didn't harm the animal. We apologize for hurting anyone's feelings. We did it just for fun."



The deer seems to be doing well, although he is still wearing the yellow t-shirt. He has been spotted by residents in the area.

Was this stunt just a matter of some guys who used bad judgement, or is it a case of intentional animal cruelty, as the DNR is suggesting? Share in the comments section below.