Just because somebody is rich and famous, doesn't mean that they don't or can't suffer from a mental illness. 

Yesterday, the fashion world lost an icon - 55-year-old handbag designer Kate Spade, who was also the sister-in-law of actor David Spade, was found hanging by a scarf in her New York City apartment on Tuesday.

She leaves behind a husband, a 13-year-old daughter, and of course, her fashion empire.

I've already seen and heard quite a few "how could she be depressed, she's rich" comments being thrown around; seems to happen whenever a celebrity takes their own life. Because apparently, to some, money and fame are the anecdote to mental illness.

What an asinine assumption to make. In fact, I would argue that it could make mental illness WORSE. Just because a person has no financial worries and the adoration of thousands of people, doesn't mean that they don't have their own personal struggles.

This Facebook post is ON POINT and I had to share it. Be mindful of others; everybody is dealing with something, and you don't get to judge how serious it is or how they react to it.

Check on your friends and family members often.  And remember that help IS available locally, and for free at NAMI Genesee County. 

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