I did it so you don't have to, but I won't lie - it's pretty cool running over the Ambassador Bridge.

Let me start off by saying this - four years ago, the only "marathon" I'd do was Netflix. So yes, if you want to start running, you can. I ran some cross country in high school but that was it. Now that I'm doing it again, I can't stop. It's good for my health, my mental health, and my social circle.

When I heard about the Detroit Free Press half-marathon that takes participants to Canada and back, I jumped at the chance to sign up. It sounded SUPER cool - you run through downtown, over the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, through Windsor and back into the tunnel to the US.

It's actually the only race that crosses international borders.

I've run it twice now - last year and this past Sunday. I admittedly didn't take as many pictures this year because I wanted to focus more on my run, but here are some of the pics from both years. The only difference this year is that we had to run WITH our passports on our person.

So, just in case you have no plans on running, ever, but you wondered what it looked like, here ya go!

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