The Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor closed this morning after Canadian officials found possible explosives on the Canadian side.

The news broke just after 10am this morning that the bridge would be closed after a tweet by the Windsor Police.

Police on both sides of the border are taking extreme caution with the situation. The bridge closed down to traffic in either direction, but the tunnel has remained open. The Windsor Police explosive disposal unit has been on the scene since this morning.

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There's no way to accurately describe what an inconvenience the closure creates for anyone trying to cross the border. The Ambassador Bridge is probably the heaviest traveled route for trucking between the US & Canada. While the closure is definitely inconvenient, the officials really only had one choice on what to do.

Threats like this seem more tangible right now with the overall angry climate we are living in. I don't think a bomb threat, or suspected explosives would ever be taken lightly, but things just feel more volatile now.

The Windsor Police have done a great job of keeping everyone informed on Twitter. They cleared up some confusion about the target of the threat.

No doubt that this information is why the tunnel is still open to traffic.

As more information becomes available, we will pass this along to you. The good news is that despite the seriousness of the threat, nobody has been hurt throughout what has happened this morning.

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