This could fall into the category of "cats do what they want" and that's all there is to it.

Nobody knows how Daisy-duck Bandit Sanborn (full name, of course, because cats are fancy) made it from Dearborn, Michigan to Florida. His owner, Judy, knows that he got out sometime around Halloween...and that was it. They had pretty much written him off.

That was, of course, until December, when they got a call from a Tampa, Florida animal hospital - they had found the Sanborn's cat. He was microchipped. *insert all of the positives about microchipping here*

Did he hitch a ride? Was he cat-napped? Was he pulling a Forrest Gump? Unless he starts meowing, we'll never know. What we DO know is that Bandit's GoFundMe page has raised enough money to fly him back to Michigan.

Wondering if anybody ASKED him if he WANTS to come back? It's a little bit NIP-pier up here than in Florida. *ba dum ching*

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