Recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado on January 1st of this year, and while residents can now legally puff, puff and pass, some are still illegally stealing the mile marker 420 sign on Interstate 70.  The Colorado government came up with an idea to hopefully thwart these would-be thieves.

Of the 47,908 miles of interstate in the United States, there are only 10 sections of freeway that exceed 420 miles (see the list of interstates that exceed 420 miles below).  Michigan's longest stretch of interstate is the 395.54 miles of I-75 that run from the Ohio boarder near Toledo up to Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula.

Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman, Amy Ford, told the Associated Press the last time the 420 mile marker was stolen was last year.  But when it was replaced, officials changed it to read "MILE 419.99" and that sign is still there.

We also found it interesting that the "MILE 419.99" sign isn't the only mile marker in Colorado to display a fraction.  You can see "MILE 68.5" after the "MILE 69" marker was stolen several times.