It doesn't matter what circumstances they went missing under - they're human beings.

I'll be honest, I thought AJ was wearing a tin foil hat when she told me about this. She's can be easily convinced, so when she said, "We should talk about the missing women on the show," I thought she had been conned into another radical Facebook post. I was wrong.

There have been rumors about the area around Fenton and Atherton Roads for a while now - that there are some unsavory things going on there. Drug deals, prostitution, etc. But there's something else going on, and a lot of people in the city of Flint are ready to get to the bottom of it.

Women are going missing. Flint PD won't comment on the exact number of investigations, but it's an amount large enough to raise questions.

It doesn't matter if these women are drug addicts, prostitutes, or just poor - they're people. They're somebody's daughter, sister, maybe even somebody's mother. They matter, regardless of what's going on. We are the #2 state in the country for human trafficking, not far behind Nevada. That should scare the hell out of us by itself.

Finally, the news is talking about it. People are talking about it. Families are taking public action. We all love this city, and we all want it to be a better place.

We want to help and get involved - we're lucky enough to be LOCAL media. We're not based out of a studio in another city or state, we're HERE. And we care. So, if you know anything we can do to help, please don't wait to contact us.

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