"Blue" is our theme today on "Theme Thursday" with the Cars' Classic Lunch! Give me your favorite "Blue" song at 239-1079 or #108 and I'll include you in the fun! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 1

    Song Sung Blue

    Neil Diamond

    This #1 single by Neil Diamond in 1972 serves as the inspiration for Theme Thursday today. It was one of his three number one hits, and one of five gold records. In all, he would put more than 35 songs into the Top 40 charts. .

  • 2

    Blue Eyes

    Superstar Elton John chimes in on Theme Thursday with his 1982 hit, "Blue Eyes". He is in his 5th decade as a performer on Billboard's Charts, with 12 Gold Records and six Platinum Records.

  • 3

    Lady Blue

    Leon Russell

    This 1975 hit for Leon Russell was written for his daughter, Blue. This would turn out to be his final, of three, chart hits.