Todays "Theme" on the Classic Lunch is "Song-Songs". That is, songs that have "Song" in the title. Here are my top five favorite "Song-Songs" that you might hear today on "Theme Thursday" If you have a favorite that isn't on the list, send it along at 239-1079 or #108 on your Verizon phone.

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    The Wedding Song

    Paul Stookey

    This is a solo effort from Paul Stookey of Peter Paul & Mary. He refused any royalties for the song because he said he wrote it in five minutes under Divine Inspiration.

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    The Shoop Shoop Song

    Betty Everett/Cher

    Betty Everett had the original and Cher had a hit with the "cover". Most people think the title is, "It's In His Kiss".

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    The Breakup Song

    The Greg Kihn Band

    It was this group out of Baltimore's first hit in May of 1981.

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    Annie's Song

    John Denver

    John Denver wrote this for his first wife, Annie Martell . They were married from 1967-1983. It topped the charts for three weeks in 1974.

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    Your Song

    Elton John

    This was the first chart hit for Elton John in November of 1970. It began his five-decade-long chart success.