Are you tired of the politics of what used to be your favorite party? Are you looking for a new political party that shares your zest for life? Then you will surely welcome the newest party to show up at the's Pizza Hut's "Pizza Party" out to win your stomach and get your vote! 

At next weeks round two of presidential debates, keep an eye on the audience during the question and answer period. Since it is a town hall style of debate, there will be a question and answer period and Pizza Hut want's to know from the participants whether they prefer "pepperoni or sausage" on their pizza.

As a matter of fact, Pizza Hut has sweetened the pot (so to speak) with an offer to attendees to ask the candidates the big question, "Pepperoni or Sausage"? Pizza Hut is offering pizza for life to the first person to ask Obama or Romney that question.

Ok, so you're not going to make the debate, but you would still like to join the "Pizza Party"? You can, simply by registering  on their website.