It's happening. It's really, actually HAPPENING.

You know those horror movies that you saw as a kid that stick with you forever? Yep - Stephen King's Pet Sematary was one of mine.

I remember renting it on VHS from our local Cub Foods on a Friday night with my sister and my neighbor, Missy. We were gonna have popcorn and watch a scary movie.

Church the cat. Dead is better. Gage. The semi-truck.

And it's ALL COMING BACK in April of next year.

Personally, I think it looks gloriously true-to-the-original. It's also VERY hard to go wrong with John Lithgow, isn't it? Either way, I've already promised my sister in Milwaukee that, regardless who makes the trip, we MUST see this TOGETHER.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the original? Will you see the new one?

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