If you have a Michigan beer lover on your Christmas list, the Hop Passport might be the perfect gift.

Michigan has so many great breweries that we have become known as the Great Beer State instead of the Great Lakes State. The biggest problem about having so many great breweries in Michigan is trying to visit them all.

I remember getting a beer of the month membership one year from my wife for Christmas. It was a great gift, and we discovered some new beers that we really liked. The problem was that we never left the house to experience what the beer was really all about.

With nearly 200 featured breweries in Michigan, the Hop Passport is giving you a little incentive to taste your way around "The Mitten."

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The idea behind the Hop Passport is simple but genius. How can we create a reason to try all of the delicious beers made right here in Michigan. Hop Passport partners with nearly 200 Michigan breweries to give you special deals when you visit them.

Here is how the Hop Passport works.

For $40 you get a Michigan Hop Passport. The passport features nearly 200 breweries all around the state (you can see the map here). With your passport, you can walk into any of the participating breweries and get 50% off of your first two drinks. You also get access to special beer events, including the Michigan Amazing Brewery Race.

Before you start thinking that this is just all about beer, just pump the brakes.

One of the coolest things about having so many great Breweries right here in Michigan is seeing the towns they are in. We have so many cool small towns that have character, charm, and a ton of unique history. Of course, if you are a big city person there are plenty of great options in Detroit and Michigan's other bigger cities.

You can buy the Michigan Hop Passport here, and if you do they have a small surprise for any disc golfers out there.

So get your Hop Passport and start planning your Michigan brewery tour, because there is a lot to see out there. Make sure that if you are visiting multiple breweries in one day that you have a designated driver.

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