Gotta love an App that "gets" what you love.

The Michigan Brewery Map, which is produced by Better On Draft Media, launched a cool new app to help beer lovers find Michigan breweries. With over 300-plus breweries across the state, this is major.

Introduced last week, the new app is free on iOS and Android, the map is easy to use. According to the Detroit Free Press, the mobile map displays each of the 300-plus breweries across the state, color-coding them based on whether they're currently open (green), closed (red), upcoming (yellow) or production only (blue).

According to the founder of Better On Draft Media, and creator of the app, the launch of will help get business back to usual and aid in supporting local state breweries.

 "The main goal is to get consumers back to the breweries, and a one-stop shop to find new and upcoming breweries near them," Konarzewski said. "We've had so many people respond just this past weekend with, 'I didn't know they opened up a brewery in that city!'
Although Michigan Breweries have been given the green light to reopen to indoor service and dining, some have made the decision to remain closed for indoor service while capacities are at 25%. Most are are still open for take-out and outdoor dining and the app allows users to see the current status of how each brewery is operating.
If your aren't app savvy, you can check out the full Better On Draft Michigan Brewery Map here!
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