Michigan is quickly becoming known as the beer capitol of the United States, and a quick Michigan made beer search on Instagram will back that up.

Michigan has breweries in every corner of both the upper and lower peninsula. According to Pure Michigan, there are nearly 400 breweries spread throughout Michigan, and that number is only growing.

I wanted to get an idea of what breweries were getting the most love on social media, and Instagram seemed like the natural place to start.

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Just to give you an idea of how popular of a topic this is, when you search #MichiganBeer on Instagram, there are more than 133,000 different pictures. That's a lot of beer.

In Michigan alone, there were about 357 breweries cranking out over 899,792 gallons per year—that’s 3.7 gallons per adult over 21 in the state

Keep in mind that those numbers only reflect the big breweries in Michigan. There are probably hundreds of home brewers that are creating their own delicious beverages. You can find out more about some local home brewers by visiting the Flint Area Brewers group here. There's also the Michigan Brewers Guild that includes some of the big name breweries that Michigan has been known for. The MBG even declared Michigan the Great Beer State, and named July as Michigan Beer Month.

If you didn't post a picture of your beer on Instagram, did you even drink it?

While we all know what the real answer is, it feels like you have to give your beer a great selfie, and tag the brewery it came from for it to even count.

Keeping that in mind, I took the time to sort through all of the top Instagrammed Michigan Breweries to find out the 20 most popular. Remember that some breweries have multiple hashtags, so I only used the most popular one for the list.

Quench Your Thirst With The 20 Most Instagrammed Michigan Breweries

Michigan is known as the 'Great Beer State' and with nearly 500 breweries, we are living up to the title. We searched hashtags on Instagram to find the most tagged Michigan breweries. Check out the 20 most Instagrammed breweries in the Great Beer State below.

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