Every once in a while you will see a really cool Halloween display in someone's yard. Usually, they involve a lot of gravestones, or skeletons, or blowup decorations. There are a couple of houses inside Indian Hill in Grand Blanc that went all out this year.

If you want to drive through Indian Hill tonight, you will find both these houses on Stonybrook Drive. The second house in the video with the face on the house is actually set to a radio station. You can tune in to the station and watch the light show sync to the music.

Rumor has it, they are going to do a pretty awesome Christmas display too. Indian Hill has been doing Light Up Indian Hill for a few years now. They light up the whole subdivision with giant ornaments and collect non-perishable food items to shine a light on hunger in our community. I bet these two houses will go all out again for Christmas time and really light up Indian Hill.


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