A photo of a teacher walking kids home from school in Tennessee has gone viral, and he's received national recognition for it.

On September 28th, Memphis resident Tabitha Jones took a photo of teacher Carl Schneider walking students home from school and uploaded it to Facebook. "I didn't think this was part of the job description," Jones posted in the comments section. "But it's so sweet that he goes above & beyond for the children... This made my heart GLAD to witness his compassion toward the children ... it takes a village."

Schneider has been part of the program for three years, where about half of the school's 400 students are accompanied home every day by teacher volunteers. They all live within one or two miles of the school. The communications director for the school said, "The kids love it, and they even request certain teachers, and we've been learning that the teachers thoroughly enjoy connecting with the students."

Tabitha couldn't have said it better: it really does take a village. Definitely some good news!