"Customer service is a top priority for us and we were pleased to be able to help this customer solve her problem."

Amanda West's son Cooper is very particular about his food, like a lot of children on the autism spectrum. The only thing he wants for breakfast is french toast sticks. Not just any french toast sticks, but the ones from Meijer. Amanda, who is married and also has another child, was having trouble finding said french toast sticks at her local Meijer in Portage, or any Meijer stores in the area.

She went to Meijer's Facebook page and asked when they'd be in stock again. A customer service representative asked for her name and address. Amanda thought that they were going to send her a coupon. Instead, they sent her a package with 10 boxes of french toast sticks. No letter, no explanation.

She says that she doesn't know what's so special about this particular brand for her son; she's tried other brands, but noticed that the Meijer product has a different texture - that's a big thing for kids on the spectrum.

In case you had questions about what it's like to have a child on the spectrum (including why some kids with autism prefer certain foods over others), here's a blog that I wrote a few days ago on that very subject.

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