Their motto: "Just trying to feed the world so I can feed my family."

Malachi Jenkins and Roberto Smith - both from Compton, but one used to be a member of the Crips, and the other used to be a member of the Bloods. They were introduced by mutual friends, and decided to get out of the gang life and start something legitimate - Trap Kitchen L.A.

Jenkins studied cuisine in Las Vegas after teaching himself to cook as part of his need to feed himself and his siblings while his mom worked. Before he went into the restaurant business, he was a chef for some pimps in Las Vegas. Yes, seriously. He said that they liked creamy pastas and soul food.

Business has been great for them since 2013 - they sell out of food almost daily, and they will deliver to your door, as far away as the San Fernando Valley. They also hire other local men who have decided to leave the gang life behind.

Ummm...can they deliver to Flint? Because WOW. And YUM.


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