"This is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up, get out and get something."

A Minnesota man's video has gone viral after he recorded his 101-year-old neighbor Richard Mann shoveling snow.

Keven O'Bannon told People magazine that he usually takes care of the great grandfather's shoveling for him, but on this day, he beat him to it. "I'm always watching out for you because you're one of the pillars in our neighborhood and you set the example and you set the standards here," he tells Mann in the video. "You're the reason why I keep my yard so nice."

Mann lost his first wife to cancer and his second wife to Alzheimer's, told the local TV station  that he still golfs whenever he can, and has bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, in addition to "clean living, wine, women and money."

Doesn't sound bad to me!


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