Bacon Shortage in 2013 Is Just A Myth
In England last week, a group struck fear in the hearts of bacon-lovers when it predicted an "unavoidable" pork shortage next year. But, fear not. Experts now  say there's no real threat of an impending "aporkalypse" coming in the form of missing bacon.
Meet The Bacon Vixon The Evil Confectionery Genius [VIDEO]
I don't know what happened over the last couple of years  that has turned bacon into such a fad food. Do you? I was watching an episode of 'The Chew' on ABC-12 yesterday and the theme of the show was the six degrees of bacon.
They featured 'The Bacon Vixon' her name is T…
Would You Like to Go Wrapped in Bacon?
If you are bacon-crazy, you're probably already familiar with J & D Foods. They are the geniuses that brought the world products like Baconnaise, bacon flavored lip balm (I have some of this), and bacon flavored lubricant (not going there!). Jason and Dave (J & D) have now com…