If you want to do some good for people in our community, considering donating your time to the Middle Mile Program.

Full disclosure: I'm biased because my son and I volunteer for this every weekend that we're available. Last year, our then-12-year-old son had mentioned to me that he wanted to start "giving back." Of course, that's tough because he's too young to volunteer on his own, so I had to find something that we could do together.

Enter the Middle Mile Program with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. It's very new and very cool, especially if you're a new volunteer. Here's what you do:

  • Pick a day every week when you can donate a couple of hours
  • Pick up pizzas from local Little Caesar's locations that have been left over and frozen from the night before
  • Drop them off at local organizations like My Brother's Keeper, the North End Soup Kitchen, Salvation Army, etc.
  • Feel good about what you're doing for others

And that's it. No, really. It's super easy; you just have to stop by the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and fill out some paperwork and pick up your supplies, which include thermal, insulated bags, and a heat gun. On the day of, you write down which store you're at, the temp of the food and the amount of food and drop it off at the receiving organization.

Kelly DelReal is the coordinator of the program and, since the pandemic started, she's lost some volunteers as well as gained some temporary volunteers. Now that things are somewhat getting back to normal, the FBEM needs YOU!

You can call Kelly at 248-343-1663 or email her at kdelreal@fbem.us.

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