There's something special about one-traffic-light-towns around Michigan. We associate them with road trips, growing up or maybe living there now. It's extra special when small towns hold hidden gem restaurants.

Who serves up the best fish in Michigan?

  • Don't think it's a fancy, overpriced restaurant trying to get on a celebrity chef's show. This place is, literally, in Paradise, MI according to Country Living. Located in Whitefish Township in Chippewa County, Michigan is home to Brown Fisheries "The Fish House." It's off Highway 123 just before you get to Lake Superior (think "the rabbit's tail" area in the UP.)

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What makes The Fish House so great in Paradise, MI?

  • Their fans rave about the deep-fried Lake Superior Whitefish. Perfectly seasoned and served up with a fresh lemon and side of "chips" (french fries).
  • That's not all, people love their Lake Trout, slaw and baked potatoes, too.

Are they open seasonally?

  • It's a small, family-owned shop. So, their hours do vary by season, the school year and any family situations that may arise.
  • Most recently their hours were listed at Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 12noon to 7pm.
  • That said, it looks like there has been a family-related situation as The Fish House closed temporarily back in September 2022.
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They just renovated last summer, too. Thankfully, it's a temporary closure as the fans are ready to stop in at a moment's notice. Be sure to add this stop on your next planned trip Up North.

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