Oh, the food coma was so, so sweet, when we put the finishing touches on my entry in this year's Burgers & Brews competition in downtown Flint!

Brandon Gifford from Smokin' Aces BBQ laid out a smorgasbord of potentially yummy ways to concoct the perfect burger-- and then we got to work. He morphed into a mad scientist, I ate some samples. A lot of samples.

What we came up with is the Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Burger! Our 1/3 pound burger is topped with bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, grilled onions, and Gouda cheese, and then drizzled with a touch of Chipotle Aioli.

Join us for Burgers and Brews, this Thursday in Buckham Alley in downtown Flint. (Admission is free.) Sample the burgers, enjoy a cold beverage, and feel free to stuff the ballot box -- as we award the Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Burger the winner in this year's best-burger competition!

And check out Smokin' Aces' brand new location in Mt. Morris, at 7094 Saginaw St.

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