So many critters, man. So many critters. *tears up*

A huge thank you is well deserved to you. Yes, you! Your donation to this year's Cars Critters was so massive The Michigan Department of Human Services was over the moon with such an outpouring of love for the kids who will now have a friend when they need one. The total donation of critters was over 1,600 stuffed animals.

Tim Aumaugher, Community Resource Coordinator of the Michigan Department of Human Services, Genesee County - Children's District, praised your efforts, saying, "Thank you again for facilitating this event to benefit our children and families."

We want to thank Genesee Valley Center, Tropitan, NCG Cinemas, and Tri-County Equipment for supporting this massive donation drive. And of course you!

Amie Burke via Townsquare Media
Amie Burke, Townsquare Media

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