Teachers and parents are dealing with the aftermath of a school assembly that went awry at Bath Elementary School. A forensic science demonstration -- conducted by a local college professor -- set out to demonstrate how criminals can be identified from evidence left at a crime scene.

Unfortunately, the demonstration may have been geared toward older kids. Laura Harris' presentation included a teddy bear named Cuddles, As part of the demonstration, she created an explosion using dry ice, and as a result, Cuddles was 'murdered.' The professor had intended for the kids to determine blood type from the fake blood, and gather evidence.

But some of the kids reacted negatively.

The site of a murdered, bloody teddy bear was too much for some of the children, and teachers began evacuating the assembly.

One parent told WILX that her first grader had no trouble understanding that the incident was fake.

The school's principal made arrangements for the school social worker to visit each classroom after the failed assembly.

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