It's amazing what kind of influence a calm adult can have on small children, this story is very telling of how that can work. A kindergarten teacher in Monterrey, Mexico named Martha Rivera Alanis has become a hero after she sang the purple dinosaur’s ‘If All the Raindrops’ while a gang shootout took place outside.

What’s even more amazing is Rivera taped the episode and then posted the footage on Facebook. Five people died during the fight. Read more and watch the video after the jump. After the incident, she wrote on her Twitter page, “It was very bad, my little ones in the kindergarten were very scared, and I was too! ENOUGH OF THIS!” Always time for a tweet.

Rivera gave a lot of credit to her kids, claiming her students “behaved in the way we had practiced” after participating in drills should something dangerous come to pass near the school.

Rivera’s heroics landed her in the spotlight Monday when she was honored by the local government for her “outstanding civic courage.”