When it comes to amusement parks and rides, are you a thrill-seeking daredevil, or more of a "you go right ahead... I'll stay here and hold your stuff" kind of person?  I have always been the former, and when I saw this I started planning a trip to Kansas City.

A new water slide called the Verruckt at Schlitterbahn Kansas City is set to open today at noon.  This record-setting attraction is now the tallest water slide in the world standing a whopping 168 feet and 7 inches.  Riders in groups of four strap into a raft and soar down the first drop, then are blasted up a second hill before falling another 50 feet.

The ride was set to open on Memorial Day, but some technical glitches have pushed back its debut several times.  But after some slight tweaking, the park will open the Verruckt to the public today at noon.  Some people say they won't ride it due to all the engineering setbacks, claiming the ride will be unsafe.  Others feel that the ride will be much safer with the modifications.

So would you take the plunge?  What is your favorite amusement park ride?

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