Just as the summer fun is kicking off at Cedar Point, it's about to come to a screeching halt.

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Cedar Point announced last week that they will reduce the days that it will be open during the month of June because it doesn't have enough staff available to work. In a post to their Facebook page, Cedar Point officials said the company working to solve the issue and  is offering several incentives to potential employees.

As a result of the staff shortage, the park will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in June. The Cedar Point Shore Waterpark will also be closed on those days. Cedar Point is requiring reservations ahead of visiting in order to control capacity, and stated in the post that guests will be contacted directly if they have booked overnight stays or made ticket and Season Pass reservations.

Cedar Point noted that they have already added 300 full-time employees, but needs  more workers to keep the parks running. Cedar Point initiatives already have the  hourly wage raised  to a minimum of $20 per hour,  and is issuing a $500 signing bonus for any new or returning workers.

Dennis Speigel, the owner of International Theme Park Services in Cincinnati, told Cleveland.com that the issue is not unique to Cedar Point.

“This is happening at all the parks. It’s not a new problem but it’s been exacerbated to the worst point that we’ve seen in our industry.”

He goes on to say that he blames "ongoing concerns related to the pandemic, an increase in unemployment compensation and the slow return of the State Department’s foreign worker program".

Cedar Point suggests that those looking to head to the park this summer should continue to look at the park's calendar on the website for updated information and operating hours.

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