As with everything else, there are a lot of changes this year.

Cedar Point is opening this summer, a bit later than usual, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Frankly, we should be happy that they're opening AT ALL; there was always a looming possibility that amusement parks would remain closed for the summer.

The park will open up to patrons next month; however, things will look a bit different this year:

*Park opens on July 9th for Season, Gold and Platinum Passholders ONLY; opens to the resort guests and to those who have pre-purchased tickets on July 11th

*Reservations WILL be required (you can make them at or on their mobile app)

*Guests MUST complete a health screening on their mobile app 24 hours prior to their entrance into the park

*Guests will be subject to touchless temperature screenings

*Guests AND employees must wear a mask at all times

*Signage will be in place to maintain the social distancing guidelines

There will also be more touchless money transactions, as well as "enhanced" cleaning procedures.

Here's the short and skinny of it - don't like the guidelines? DO NOT GO. Complaining won't change their rules; the last thing that Cedar Point wants to be known for is being ground zero for another outbreak of coronavirus.

They're a business and they have a responsibility NOT to be a liability.

I worked at a zoo for eight years and I'll be honest - the general public can be hell-on-wheels to deal with on a totally normal, beautiful summer day. I can't imagine what these poor park employees are going to have to deal with. :(

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