Last fall, the announcement was made that Charlie Brown and the gang are headed to the big screen.  As skeptical as I am about the 'Annie' and 'Naked Gun' reboots, I was terrified to see what they were going to do to modernize Charles M. Shulz's classic comic strip characters.

However, I must admit that after seeing a sneak peek on GMA yesterday, I feel much better about it.  Shulz's son is in charge, and keeping the upcoming 'Peanuts' flick true to his late father's original vision.  Is this a reboot that you are looking forward to?  What other classics would you like to see remade?

Take a look at the modernized CG characters, then relive Snoopy's classic dogfight scene. Get the full story of Snoopy vs. The Red Baron by clicking here!

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