This 10 foot 'ice shelf' which has formed in Houghton Lake is a thing of beauty, except if it's in your yard.

Residents along the north shore of Houghton Lake have reported that the ice shelf practically formed overnight.

What is an Ice Shelf?

Technically, what has formed on the shore of Houghton Lake is called 'shelf ice' which can sometimes be referred to as an ice shelf. Shelf ice is a phenomenon that occurs in the springtime when colder temperatures freeze portions of open water into chunks. These chunks then wash ashore and build up along the shoreline.

Shelf ice is a common occurrence on the Great Lakes.

Tallest one He's Ever Seen

Houghton Lake resident Frank Musielak tells 9 & 10 News that in 25 years, he's never seen an ice shelf (shelf ice) this tall.

“It probably goes 20ft beyond this here ice barrier to the lake, and the wind’s blowing it again, piling it up again,” said Musielak. “Hopefully the ice will thaw out real quick.”

Musielak says the ice has encroached onto his yard so far that it's about a foot from his house. It moved his 300-pound firepit and it's done damage to his Waverunner hoist and paddleboard bracket. In this video, you can see the mountain of ice next to a 10-foot ladder, in order to get a little bit of perspective.

Houghton Lake is in the Lower Peninsula

Houghton Lake is located in the center of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, about 80 miles southwest of Bay City. (In the video below, it's erroneously referred to as an Upper Peninsula town, confused with the city of Houghton which is in the Upper Peninsula.)

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