Lego Sculpture Exhibition Coming to Michigan
We may have found the perfect way to get your kids, or your inner kid, to love going to a museum. If you looking for a great family outing, taking in a day a unbelievable Lego sculptures may be just the ticket. The Grand Rapids Public Museum will play host to one of the most incredible exhibitions around...
Lego Piece Found In Boy’s Nose After Three Years [VIDEO]
Remember when your mother used to say, "be careful what you put up your nose. It might get stuck there!" Well, that's what happened to 6-year-old Isaak Lasson, who was playing with LEGO toys years ago when, apparently, one found its way into his nose, although he doesn't remember ever having put it there.
New Lego Line For Girls Angers Critics [Video]
There's a new Lego line for girls, but many people are not happy about it, even starting an online petition to try to ban the line. The characters have slim figures and stylish clothes so health organizations are worried this will create body insecurities in girls.