We may have found the perfect way to get your kids, or your inner kid, to love going to a museum.

If you looking for a great family outing, taking in a day a unbelievable Lego sculptures may be just the ticket. The Grand Rapids Public Museum will play host to one of the most incredible exhibitions around. Sean Kenney’s Wild Connections Made with Lego Bricks exhibition will open on November 7th.

The renowned, award-winning artist, that dubs himself a "professional kid", presents pieces made entirely from the toy blocks. His special exhibits are aimed at exploring animal endangerment, the balance of ecosystems and mankind’s relationship with nature.

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The exhibition will feature not only Kenney's sculptures, but also interactive measuring, such as “How far can you jump?",  “How tall are you in Legos?”,  a Lego-themed photo op and an animal tracks scavenger hunt for families according to Grand Rapids Magazine. .

New Yorker Kenney doesn't work for the Lego company, but says he chose the popular toy to express his talent because, "LEGO is so intrinsically fun and whimsical, and Sean thinks the toy reflects his personality well; he's structured and organized and logical, but silly and playful. What better medium than a primary-colored children's toy based on straight lines, rules, and math?"

Sean Kenney takes his tour around the world and has been doing so for nearly a decade. The vibrant and beautiful exhibitions  have been created with over 3 million LEGO pieces.

Tickets are on sale now and are $12 for adults and $7 for children. Advanced purchase is required and can be done by calling (616) 929-1700 or online at grpm.org.


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