When you're the best you know it. Michigan residents have always known that the Detroit Institute of Arts was one of the most incredible around, but now it's officially confirmed.

The Detroit Institute of Arts was named the "Best Art Museum in the United States"  by USA Today in its 2023 10Best Readers' Choice selection. The selection was made in a nationwide poll that had experts select the top 20 nominations and then readers make the final decision by casting their votes.

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Not only did the pride of Detroit, the DIA, secure the top spot, but they also beat out some pretty big names in the art world to do so. The museum beat out the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in Maryland, the Museum of International Folk Art in Sante Fe, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, and the prestigious Getty Center in L.A. to earn the top award.

It was clear from the write-up that the DIA easily won the judges, and USA Today readers, over with all it has to offer visitors.

"Housed within a Beaux Arts building, the Detroit Institute of Arts maintains a collection of some 65,000 works – among the largest and most comprehensive in the United States. Visitors can explore human creativity from across the globe as they explore more than 100 galleries, including the Center for African American Art, one of the first collections devoted to African American art at a major museum", USA Today said. 

This wasn't Detroit's first showing on the yearly "Best" list. The Detroit Riverfront was named the "Best Riverwalk" and Campus Martius was named the "Best Public Square" in the United States this year.

You can view the complete Top 10 Art Museum winners here. 


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