If you have ever had kids chances are you have a few hundred of those little buggers laying around somewhere waiting to be stepped on in the middle of the night. Instead of hoarding them after their novelty wears off why not give them away for a great reason.

A Danish company  just announced a special partnership venture with two nonprofits that will aim to redistribute donated Lego pieces to classrooms and kids in need. The Replay pilot program will allow customer in the U.S. to be able to print out a mailing label on its site, load their used Lego bricks into a box, and then ship them off for free. Once received the Legos will be cleaned, placed  in a box and given to Teach for America, a nonprofit that will then donate them to classrooms across the United States. In addition, some of the donated Legos will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston for their after-school programs.

Along with breathing new life into the discarded building blocks, and providing some special toys to kids in need, the move will  also help Lego address a growing consumer concern with plastics. Customers  have shown their concern over plastic to many mega toy manufacturers noting the fact that plastic doesn't disintegrate. The problem is then instead it can break down into tiny pieces and then be eaten by birds or other wildlife, endangering their health posing a hazard to the environment. Recycling may be just the answer.

If the program is a success Lego will then look to expand outside the U.S. next year. If you are looking to unload some of those  little tiny plastic bricks you aren't using just head over to Lego for all the details.

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