If you're ready to be a dog's "person," Scarlet is the furrrever friend for you!

Scarlet is about 2 yrs old and 40 lbs and would love to go for a walk in the woods with her new family.  She follows her "person everywhere," has a cute little wiggly butt, and loves her toys. She has been in the shelter and a foster home for over 365 days. After almost a year, it’s the time!
She knows basic commands such as “sit”,  "down", "find it", “stay”, "come" and “drop it”.  She's been in a foster home where she has been getting lots of attention and able to work on her skills.
She looooves people! She tailors her personality to what her person is doing.  So, if her person wants to be active, she'll be active. If they want to be lazy, she'll be lazy. She never gets into any trouble.
She's a quiet girl, doesn't bark, although she has a pretty loud snore for such a small girl.  She doesn't chew things, counter surf, dig holes, or any other annoying habits. She's not afraid of the vacuum or the lawnmower; however, she does slop water all over when she drinks. That’s cute, right?!
courtesy of Genesee Country Animal Control
courtesy of Genesee Country Animal Control
She loves wearing bandanas or shirts. You can find her with a tennis ball in her mouth all day. She is crate trained and housebroken, travels great in the car and is just a joy to have around.
If you're interested in Scarlet, you can message the GCAC on their Facebook page or call 810-732-1660.
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