We can smell it from here and it smells DELICIOUS.

The owners of Sweet Afterthoughts in Davison have made an exciting announcement - they've bought the old Jablonski's Baker's Corner in Burton at Belsay and Atherton and will be opening soon.

Sweet Afterthoughts is a locally-owned business with a location in Davison, and now they're expanding to the Burton area.

As for what inspired Diane Rhines to open a bakery, she said, "I have loved to bake for years! My grandma was one of the best bakers I have ever known and I am so thankful for the things she taught me. In 2014 a friend of mine and I decided to make a little extra money by selling our baked goods. We knew we were good enough so on Valentine’s Day I filed for the proper paperwork."

"My daughter, Stephanie Bauer, has the same desire as me so she has decided she wants to come on board too. Rachel Jones started to help us about a year ago and share the knack so we are very blessed to have her!"

Diane also told us that the Jablonski family has been super supportive and helpful in this process, which is obviously tough because it was their family business. "They have been oh so kind and are willing to teach me everything, right down to Paczkis!"

They specialize in cupcakes, especially for showers and birthdays, but they also have cake pops, baklava, small cakes, and more.

"We are hopeful our approval process goes smooth and quick so we can meet you all soon! So thankful for all of those who support us and cannot wait to have our new storefront for everyone to come see us and so that we can bless them with a little goodness!!!"

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