This is the second day IN A ROW that we've had to post something like this.

It's getting ridiculous, people. And we're not going to condone ANYBODY treating others badly, so if you're waiting for us to say, "Yes, it's fine to yell at an hourly employee about wearing a mask," you might as well close out of our website right now.

Yesterday, it was a chain of family-owned restaurants in the metro Detroit area that had to re-close their dining rooms (they had just opened back up to dine-in customers) because their employees were being treated so poorly. Now, an ice cream store in Swartz Creek is voicing the same concerns.

Twist Ice Cream is located on Linden Road. They opened their lobby back up to customers about two weeks ago and, in those two weeks, have encountered some terrible customers.

For the most part, everyone was very kind & respectful, of our new policy. Unfortunately & disappointingly, in the evenings & especially tonight, we have received a lot of push back. Many people disregarding signage, refusing to wear a mask, & most disappointingly, several instances of screaming at our employees. Please do not harass our employees. They are only following our instructions.

Please know masks are required for entry & you will not be served without one. Please read the attached policy to understand. If you do not have a mask. You have other options & can use the drive thru.

Also please know, if the problems & harassment, of our employees persist, we will be forced to shut down the lobby & return to drive thru only, for the remainder of the year. We can not let our employees continue to be treated, in this manner.

We apologize & thank all of you who have respected our policy & our employees. We know most of our customers are kind & supportive.


This is absolute insanity. NONE of these people make enough money for a patron who's angry about a mask to berate them in the name of an ice cream cone. Knock it off, this is embarrassing.

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