The Capitol Theatre in Flint is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Downtown Flint, and you could win a one of a kind painting this week.

The Capitol Theatre is running a fundraiser right now around the painting done by Flint artist Charles Boike. The painting is an original work portraying the Capitol Theater marquis in Downtown Flint. The tickets for the drawing cost $25, and according to the Capitol website, they money will be used to keep the arts alive and well in Flint.

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If you would like to buy a few tickets to get in on the drawing, you can do that here.

This has been a tough year for any entertainment venue in Michigan, especially the smaller venues like the Capitol. The pandemic restrictions have had these great theaters sitting empty for the last year. Thankfully things are starting to turn the corner, and the Capitol is slowly starting to open their doors again.

The Capitol will start showing movies again starting March 5th. If you're not familiar with movies at the Capitol, this is a way to see some of your favorite movies on the big screen for the first time.

My family went to see A Christmas Story in 2019, shortly before the pandemic shut down the Capitol. It's a cool experience to see one of your favorite classic movies on the big screen, but it is even better with a crowd of people. There's something about hearing the crowd laugh at a part that you've always laughed at in the past.

The drawing for the Charles Boike painting will be held Friday February 26th at 4pm, so you only have a day to get your ticket.


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