Consider it a little bit history lesson, and a little bit of story telling all. Flint is rich in history with so many stories to tell. Now the Capitol Theatre is sharing special memories, and they're being told by those who lived them.

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Michigan historian, long time broadcaster, and author, Michael J. Thorp is hosting a view into the past with “Capitol Memories”. The new weekly video storybook of Flint’s iconic Capitol Theatre will presented through a new Capitol Theatre on-line archive.

Telling the Story

Think about the memories you have. So many rush to thought, and they are all a piece of history. Each week, Thorp will sit down with guest from the Flint community on the stage of the majestic Capitol Theatre. They will share their stories that span decades. Their memories of life in downtown Flint, and stories about the Capitol itself. Maybe their first date was there, or they saw their first concert. Each has a story to tell and a bit of history to share. Each is unique, but they seem to have one important thing in common....the Capitol Theatre.

"The Capitol Theatre is at the center of it all. If you came downtown the was the theatre that people saved their money to come to. There were theatres all over town, but they saved to come here," Thorp told us in a interview.

The Capitol Theatre opened its doors inn 1928 and was listed among the National Register of Historic Places in Michigan in 1985. It was designed by John Eberson. After sitting idle for years, restoration took place on the Flint landmark theatre with much detail given to keeping the integrity and the artistic grandeur of the architecture and design.

Flint's own Mark Farner, of Grand Funk fame, brought the first concert back to the Capitol Theatre with a sold out show on April 19, 2019.

The Debut

The premiere of "Capitol Memories" hosted by Michael J. Thorp with be shown prior to the showing of the movie Freaky Friday at the Capitol on Friday, May 7. For tickets or more information visit


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