The Texas teacher is battling a cancer of the soft tissue and was given 2-5 years to live back in 2015.

Michelle Wistrand was about to retire from teaching at Tomball Junior High when she received the diagnosis a few years back. So, she came up with a bucket list and told her eighth graders about it. Her first item was to go to Redwood National Forest in California, and to dip her feet in the Pacific ocean.

Her students jumped to action, starting a GoFundMe page that raised almost $12,000. She made it to Redwood, along with the ocean and sea turtles in Florida. She saw her son on stage in Iowa and also made it to the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island.

Last week, her doctors said that it's time for hospice care. But Wistrand says that she's not afraid of death, especially now that she got to experience the items on her bucket list, thanks to her amazing students.

You can see all of her amazing adventures on her Instagram page.

Where's the tissue? There's something in my eye...

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