Hey, gladiators, anyone notice the Stevie Wonder song that was featured during the final scenes of the series finale of 'Scandal' on Thursday night? Turns out, it was a brand new song that Stevie wrote specifically for Olivia Pope and crew's final episode.

When I finally got around to watching the series finale on Sunday afternoon, I was a little puzzled. Scandal notoriously features snippets of classic Motown hits perfectly weaved into the dialogue -- and they really love Stevie Wonder. But I didn't recognize this Wonder track and had to Shazam it.

Turns out, the Michigan superstar really loves Scandal too.

Show creator Shonda Rhimes tells Jimmy Kimmel that Wonder was inspired by Scandal and wrote a new song titled 'Future Sunny Days' as a gift for the show.

“We were so blessed that we got to get a special song written by Stevie Wonder," Rhimes tells Kimmel. "Getting to talk to Stevie Wonder on the phone it's pretty amazing. Getting to talk to Stevie Wonder on the phone when he puts down the phone and says, 'Hold on,' and then starts playing music is a life-changing experience."

I have to admit, I almost gave up on Scandal a season or two ago. It got really weird or  'jumped the shark' as they say. But I stuck with it and watched it through to the end.

What did you think of the series and the series finale? How about Stevie's new song?

Check out 'Future Sunny Days' and Shonda Rhimes on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' in the videos below.




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