A bitter breakup has led to harsh words between two Michigan State Representatives.

Via text message, Republican State Representative Steve Marino said he would make it his "life mission to destroy" Democratic state Rep. Mari Manoogian with whom he previously had a romantic relationship.

The third-term Republican from Harrison Township also texted the Democrat from Birmingham messages that said she should "hide on the House floor" and that he hoped her car would explode on her way in.

The text exchange allegedly occurred when the two were serving on a House Commerce and Tourism committee and also included a discussion related to their service.

"You're truly the worst human being I've ever met. I mean that with the utmost sincerity. Just a parasite," Marino wrote in one of his texts.

Screenshots of the conversations were submitted as part of a court filing in which Manoogian filed for a personal protection order, according to the Detroit News.

Manoogian claims Marino began to act threatening toward her in early 2020, shortly after their four-month relationship ended.

"Face to face and over text, Steve began threatening me and harassing me," Manoogian wrote in a statement attached to her PPO petition. "It has escalated to a point where I fear for my safety and for Steve's own safety."

Marino's lawyer says the contents of the texts have been taken out of context and will ask to have them set aside once the matter goes to court.

Since the fallout, Marion has been removed from the House committee on which he had been serving.


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