Imagine being 13 years old and graduating with not one, but four college degrees. Jack Rico is now the youngest graduate of Fullerton College, a community college in Fullerton, California.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, his family held a special graduation ceremony for the teen on their front lawn.

His mother, Ru Andrade, says he is just full of knowledge but Jack is quick to point out that he works really hard.

“You never just know everything,” he said. “You have to study day and night.”

Andrade said she started homeschooling the boy when he was in third grade because he needed more of a challenge. By the time he was 11, he had surpassed every high school standard.

His friends and family held a social-distanced graduation ceremony, complete with a parade of well-wishers driving by to congratulate Jack on his accomplishments.

So what's next for the boy genius? More college, of course. He tells KCAL in Los Angeles that he plans now to attend the University of La Verne, although he's not quite sure on a career choice.


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