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You may term me a sicko, but I relish the sight of spelling, grammatical, and printing errors. It's possible (but quite unlikely) that you'll find one in this article. But they're out there and I especially enjoy seeing them committed by high-profile organizations and major news outlets. Sick, I know.

And this is a big one:

More than 400 absentee ballots printed for military personnel and Michigan residents currently oversees list the wrong running mate for President Donald Trump.

The erroneous ballots do not list Mike Pence as Trump's running mate but rather pairs him with Jeremy Cohen who is a member of the Libertarian Party. Cohen is actually the running mate of Jo Jorgenson the Libertarian nominee. On the misprinted ballot, Jorgenson is listed by herself, with no running mate.

The error was found on ballots meant for Michigan residents living abroad under the Military and Overseas Empowerment (MOVE) Act, according to The Detroit News.

Tracy Wimmer, spokeswoman for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, says that replacement ballots have to be sent to anyone who has received one containing the misprint. County clerks will be given instructions to properly process misprinted ballots that are used.

"If a voter does happen to return the incorrect ballot instead of the correct ballot, it will still count," Wimmer said. "The clerk will be instructed to duplicate a vote for Trump onto a ballot for Trump/Pence."



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