It's been a very warm fall, as of writing this on November 4, 2022 it is currently sunny and 68 degrees. Fall temps have been balmy and it's been nice to enjoy the warmer temperatures, however, Michigan winter is on its way.

How much snow does Michigan typically get in a year? That all depends on your geographic location. The further north you are and your location near any of the Great Lakes will impact the snowfall. I grew up in St. Joe, in the southwest corner of the state. We used to get a ton of lake effect snow every winter and it made for good times on the sledding hills, slopes and other snow fun.

When I moved to Lansing in '96, I can remember the first winter storm. I was a new transplant to the area, people were complaining about how bad the snow was and all I can remember thinking was, "you think this is snow? You've never experienced lake effect".

The snowfall in mid Michigan differs dramatically compared to cities on the Great Lakes, up north and in the Upper Peninnsula. The U.P. gets the most snow by a long shot. My wife's parents lived in the U.P. for many years, she told me that it's easy to get around despite the snowfall because they have bigger and better equipment in the U.P. to clear snow. Maybe some areas in the L.P. could rip a page out of the U.P.'s playbook when it comes to snow removal.

How much snow do some cities get in Michigan? I did some research and had some shocking numbers.

Snowfall In Different Michigan Cities - Rank/City/Average Snowfall in inches

Top Ten Snowiest Cities In Michigan

1. Dodgeville, MI  179.98

2. Dollar Bay, MI  170.30

3. Lake Linden, MI  166.64

4. Hubbell, MI  166.46

5. Laurium, MI  163.41

6. Calumet, MI  162.87

7. Kearsarge, MI  162.65

8. Copper City, MI  162.44

9. Ahmeek, MI  162.01

10. Mohawk, MI  161.70

Popular Michigan Cities With A Ton of Snow

92. Kalkaska, MI  101.18

119. Boyne Falls, MI  106.47

125. Traverse City, MI  104.79

145. Cadillac, MI  102.30

155. Charlevoix, MI  101.21

202. Bellaire, MI  95.71

209. Mackinac Island, MI  93.80

251. Manistee, MI  86.03

271. Alpena, MI  81.60

305. Reed City, MI  75.30

Popular Snowy Cities Close to mid Michigan

371. Kalamazoo, MI 69.49

408. Grand Rapids, MI 67.51

502. Battle Creek, MI 58.67

Snowy Mid Michigan Cities

535. Portland, MI  54.27

563. Marshall, MI  50.99

565. Clare, MI  50.45

575. Charlotte, MI  47.98

586. Potterville, MI 46.50

587. Grand Ledge, MI  46.46

622. Eaton Rapids, MI  43.79

627. Dewitt, MI  42.95

639. Lansing, MI  42.28

667. Williamston, MI  40.53

As you can see, if you don't like snow, you're in a good spot in mid Michigan. If you want more snow you need to go north, head to the U.P. for the best experience.

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