Gareth Morgan, a resident of New Zealand, is a one-man environmental advocate with a simple request. That request has a lot of people's claws out, though.

Mr. Morgan is on a quest to make New Zealand, and the world cat-free. He called on his fellow citizens in New Zealand to make their current cat their last cat on his website, called Cats To Go. His concern is that pet cats are killing unique bird species. His website goes as far as to say "That little ball of fluff you own is a natural born killer." He doesn't go as far as to suggest that people kill their current cat, although that would be fine with him. He is requesting that cat owners neuter their pets, and make this cat their last.

As you can imagine, this anti-feline message has cat lovers "purrfectly" upset! a 2011 survey showed that 48% of New Zealand's households owned at least one cat. The anti-cat idea might have some scientific merit, though. David Winter, a scientist, claims that cats are the reason behind the extinction of several species of birds in New Zealand. He hopes though that Gareth Morgan's ideas about cats are "designed to start conversations."

In the United States, 33% of households own at least one cat. Can you imagine this country completely devoid of cats? Which would be more important to you, a pet cat or a unique species of bird?