I've never really understood the point of Daylight Saving Time.  I know that it is supposed to add an hour of daylight, but how?  We're just moving an hour of morning daylight to the afternoon.  Not to mention, everyone seemed to be dragging this morning.

Altering your body clock even one hour can cause you to feel the effects of jet lag.   According to a new survey, about 61% of Americans say they significantly feel the effects of losing that hour of sleep. And the worst day is today, the Monday following the change, when you had to wake up at a specific time for work.  About 40% of people say it will take them this entire week to get adjusted.

Assuming the government isn't going to get rid of Daylight Saving Time, what would make the time change smoother?  A separate survey found 70% of people think it should be moved from 2:00am Sunday to 2:00am Saturday. At least then we'd get an extra weekend day to try to get adjusted.

Do you have any tricks to make the time change transition a little easier?

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