When the world turned upside down, life turned to online. I, for one, have been heavily relying on online access for almost all of my needs — from groceries, supplies, to even virtual doctors appointments. It's like the "Jetsons" became reality overnight! The fact of the matter is, life right now has us living with restrictions, but that doesn't mean life doesn't go on.

From the very beginning, Shea Automotive Group has been right there with the understanding the life is still going on. They even have been providing auto repairs, oil changes and more for those essential workers still relying on dependable transportation day in and day out.

Right now many of us are coming to the end of our automobile lease. I lease my current car, and trust me, when the deadline is fast approaching panic sets in.

Shea Automotive Group has made shopping for a new vehicle as simple as scoring your latest find on Amazon Prime. With one click, I was able to view their awesome available cars. I was able to customize my vehicle. (I'm a sucker for a sunroof). Another click, and I selected the payment options best for me and — ta da!! The deal was done!

One, Two, Shea...yes really...it's that simple!  The team at Shea Automotive Group make finding your next vehicle that easy, and if you have questions, their sales staff was right there online to assist.

Have questions or ready to start your search for your new car? Visit Shea Automotive Group or give them a call at 810-600-3330.